Les Bains des Docks by Jean Nouvel,France


Les Bains des Docks is an aquatic centre in Le Havre, France, designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel.

jean nouvel

The 5000 square metre complex comprises 12 pools, several leisure pools, a sauna, hammam, spa and a fitness room. The interior is covered in white tiles, the brightly-coloured foam blocks forms the children’s play area.  

“It is a paradox, a building on a harbour scale, inspiring simplicity and robustness, but which betrays its complexity as soon as one penetrates its volumes,” says Nouvel. “One enters a universe of whiteness and depths.”


jean nouvel 04

jean nouvel05

Les Bains des Docks inLe Havre, France by Jean Nouvel
Photos by Cl.Guillaume / Via Designboom


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