West 8 and BAS-Dirk Jaspaert winning proposal,Aarschot, Belgium

west8 en BAS

News from home., The Rotterdal based architects  West 8 and BAS- Dirk Jaspaert, have won the contest for the design of a newx bridge in Aarschot, Belgium.

West8 bridge

The winning design of West 8 and BAS-Dirk Jaspaert for the new pedestrian bicycle bridge, that will span the rail tracks in Aarschot, focuses on the functional character of the bridge as well as on its potential to tempt and surprise its users. 

The bridge will connect the different old and new parts of the city, the landscape and the centre with each other and becomes a crucial link within the regional bicycle path network. It also creates new access points to the platforms.
west8 en BAS
west8BAS-Dirk Jaspaert By virtue of its location, form, structure and the use of material, the bridge captures the qualities of the surrounding landscape. It offers cyclists and pedestrians a new rest and meeting place above the busy rail tracks, but at the same time it gives them a sense of security.
The steel space grid is supported by sculptural pillars and its curved shape offers a variety of constantly changing perspectives and experiences.
west 8 BAS-Dirk Jaspaert
More information and West8  (Pictures and text from West8)


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