Sustainable Dance Club, WATT by Kossmann.deJong+Döll, Rotterdam


WATT is a sustainable dance club in Rotterdam. The former Nighttown in Rotterdam, is transformed into the experimental venue WATT. Especially in this dance club, is the sustainable dance floor, which generates energy by the movements of people.

The so- called Sustainable Dance Club, is designed by Kossmann.DeJong in close cooperation with Döll – Workshop for Architecture. According to the architects, WATT in Rotterdam, can be seen as a city. Each room has a characteristic atmosphere received by a unique color and material use. 


New for a venue is the presence of two interconnected relaxroofs and an open courtyard. The outdoor spaces give visitors the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and the relationship between city and nature. The toilets in WATT are flushed by rainwater that is collected on the roof.

The relationship between nature and city is also reflected in the design of front and side facade. A large LED wall communicates the sustainable aspects of WATT with the environment. The  vegetated side is a vertical continuation of the adjacent park. Both facades will be realized in the near future.

The objective is to save 30% on energy consumption compared to similar clubs and 50% on the consumption of water, material and waste. To achieve this, there is build a stormwater facility for more than 50,000 toilet coils/ year.

The climate system is considered efficient by using a sophisticated building management system. The use of LED lighting instead of standard theatrical lighting, results in a reduction of 80% in electricity concumpstion.

Sustainability is integral developed in WATT, and where possible made visible. The architects have used only materials where it was necessary, the output of the entire water and energy management are projected as VJ images and are part of the programming.

The sustainable dance floor was developed by Studio Roosegaarde.



Photography: Thijs Wolzak

Client: Brotherhood Holding and Vinc Batenburg
Architect: Kossmann.DeJong
Location: Rotterdam
Completed: 2008
Surface: 4000m²

More info about the architect and WATT club : Kossmann.DeJong en Döll – Workshop for Architecture
Sustainable dance floor : Sustainable Dance Club/ SDC
WATT dance club : WATT – Rotterdam

Pictures and info from Kossmann.DeJong via []

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