Tolo House by Alvaro Leita Siza, Portugal


The Tolo House, is build by architect Alvaro Leite Siza and based on a sharply inclined hill in Penafiel, Portugal. The fragmentation of the house is necessary due to be the steep topgraphy, transforms the whole into a composition of small linked and interconnected volumes, creating an unevenness that allows for a more secure and rational use of the lot.


025 The project includes three bedrooms, a social bathroom, a living room, a small kitchen with a support of a washbasin, a dinning room and even a small outdoor swimming pool. The various functions are clarified with each elevation corresponding to a single compartment.

The is form resulting from a rigorous, modular geometric abstraction establishes the necessary rotation of certain modules to adapt to the natural morphology of the terrain, trying to preserve all the pre-existing trees. The terrain is sharply inclined and has a particular configuration: it is very long and narrow. However, the fact that it faces south allows it to receive optimal solar exposure and to enjoy a particular natural view. The living area does not exceed 180m2.





More info and pictures on designboom

3 thoughts on “Tolo House by Alvaro Leita Siza, Portugal

  1. This is an oddly beautiful, uniquely designed house. Were you the main architect? I love how the stairs stick out from the walls. Very interesting. I found your blog through I hope you will look at my blog also at

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