Tides Restaurant by LTL Architects in New York city

tides restaurant

Based in New York this restaurant called Tides is created by LTL Architects and explores different configurations of bamboo. The booths, seats and tables are all made out of different combinations with bamboo. The ceiling if formed by over 120,000 bamboo skewers embedded into a bach- lit acoustical ceiling. The skewers are composed to produce a topographical effect, evoking sea grass.

Finalist, Gold Key Award, Interior Design, Casual Dining, 2005
Winner, Interiors Award, Contract Magazine, Casual Restaurant, 2005
Honorable Mention, AR Awards for Emerging, Architecture, Architecture Review, 2005




Lewis. Tsurumaki. Lewis or LTL, is an architecture and design partnership founded in 1993 by Paul Lewis, Marc Rsurumaki and David.J. Lewis.

LTL’s approach is to realize inventive solutions that turn the very constraints of each project into the design trajectory, exploring overlaps between space, program, form, budget and materials.

The firm actively pursues a diverse range of work, maintaining a creative dialogue between built projects and speculative investigations. LTL’s work includes large scale public projects, academic buildings, commercial renovations, residential projects, museum installations, and exhibition designs.

Text and pictures from LTL Architects .

5 thoughts on “Tides Restaurant by LTL Architects in New York city

  1. I hate to say it, but the photos of the bamboo look gross to me, like some strange underwater sea creature that conjures revulsion. It would be the last place where I would want to eat a meal. I would lose my appetite.
    Maybe I am just too much of a country girl to appreciate the artful backdrop that is being attempted here.

    That aside, your blog is GREAT!
    I love all of these photos and seeing all of the cool things people are building! So creative and fun.

    Heidi Rafferty
    Harrodsburg, Kentucky, USA

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