CPH Arch by 3XN Architects in Copenhagen, Denmark

CPH Arch spectacular proposal for a town gate in on Marmormolen in Copenhagen by 3XN Architects.


A bridge spanning a body of deep water, providing the only dry connection between two stretches of land, is one of the most powerful architectural experiences in the landscape. Another classical element is the town gate, which marks the boundary between the countryside and the town, and ‘contains’ the town, physically, structurally and aesthetically.


3XN’s proposal for a construction on Marmormolen in Copenhagen is both: a town gate and a bridge that links Marmormolen with Langeliniekaj, creating a new coherent area in Copenhagen Harbor.

The towers and the bridge constitute one single, floating dynamic movement, characterized by the bold span across the harbor entrance in terms of both the plan design and the facade. Establishing a connection across the harbor radically improves public access and creates brand new opportunities for life and growth in the area.





Architect: 3XN.
Client: By og Havn
Size: 62,000 m2
Address: Marmormolen, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

Pictures and info from 3XN.
More info and pictures -click here-

One thought on “CPH Arch by 3XN Architects in Copenhagen, Denmark

  1. Very beautiful design for Copenhagen Denmark. I am in Copenhagen now for the next few months and that would be a very useful design for that harbor area . Best of luck!

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