Light House Cinema by DTA Architects in Dublin, Ireland


In December 2006, the award-winning architectural practice, DTA Architects, headed up by Derek Tynan, was commissioned to remake Light House Cinema as a cultural hub in the large-scale urban regeneration development at Smithfield Market, on the west side of Dublin’s largest public plaza.


The brief entailed designing a signature arthouse cinema with four screens and ancillary spaces, all built to the highest technical standards to ensure the levels of comfort and quality that audiences deserve.


The architectural challenge entailed the creation of an entrance lobby, with box-office and café/bar facilities at ground floor level and the insertion of four cinemas along with social space and meeting facilities into the underground spaces below.



DTA Architects responded with a beautiful, 21st Century vision that makes imaginative use of contrasting materials and voids.

“The development involves the insertion of four cinema volumes into the underground voids,” explains architect Colin Mackay. “The organisation and distribution of screens will allow patrons to walk over, under and around the forms, affording an alternative and dramatic cinema experience. All four destinations will be a counterpoint to the exterior and distinctly different to each other in size, scale, finish and detail, offering a range of experience from the intimate 68 seat screen to a spacious 277 seat screen.”

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Architects: DTA Architects

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