Tivoli Concert Hall by 3XN Architects – *COPENHAGEN, Denmark*

Again in Copenhagen, the Tivoli Concert Hall by 3XN Architects.


In 2004, 3XN was awarded the prestigious task of performing the renovation and extensions of the Concert Hall in Tivoli, a famous old amusement park in Copenhagen. They restored the concert hall, focusing on keeping the unique Tivoli spirit. The concert hall was the largest and most modern in the Nordic countries when it was built in 1956.

Info from 3XN Architects:

It comprises a new circular three-story foyer with lounge, bar, outdoor café and a view to Tivoli. The foyer is light, transparent and modern – yet in keeping with the ’Tivoli-spirit’. White lacquered, twisted alu strings create a joyful facade that catches and reflects the sun and Tivoli’s many lamps at night.  This 700m2 pavillon is the new main entrance to the concert hall as well. A former gamble hall below the concert hall has been radically transformed into a new lobby, wardrobe and access area. A 30m aquarium along one of the walls is the spectacular attraction and light provider to the lobby.


Facing Tietgensgade, a new building has been erected with a new, large rehearsal hall for Tivoli’s Symphony Orchestra, lit by daylight. Wagamama has moved into the ground level, offering new great dining possibilities, and a new conference center has been set up on top of the rehearsal hall with a great view to the Tivoli gardens




Photo’s by Photo Adam Mørk

Weblink: http://www.3xn.dk/
For more information click here.., or go to Archdaily


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