Reichstag, German Parliament by Foster and Partners *BERLIN, Germany*

Reichstag, the New German Parliament by Norman Foster and partners* in Berlin, Germany


In 1992, Foster and Partners was one of the fourteen non- German architects invited to enter the compition to rebuild the Reichstag. Foster and Partners won the competition in 1993 and the reconstruction began in July 1995.

The buildings transformation is rooted in four issues: the significance of the Bundestag as a democratic forum, a commitment to public accessibility, a sensitivity to history and a rigorous environmental agenda. Emphasising values of clarity and transparency, the glazed cupola is a new landmark for Berlin, and a symbol of the vigour of the German democratic process.


Public and politicians enter together through the reopened formal entrance. The public realm continues on the roof in the terrace restaurant and the cupola – a new Berlin landmark – where helical ramps lead to an observation platform, allowing the people to ascend symbolically above the heads of their elected representatives in the chamber.


Read more..  about the buildings energy strategy!!

 Video I found on youtube:

A little bot more info about Sir Norman Foster.


Norman Foster was born in Manchester in 1935 and is the founder and chairman of Foster + Partners. He graduated from the Manchester University School of Architecture and City planning in 1961, when he entered at age 21, he won a fellowship to yale university where he gained a masters degree in architecture.

He started in 1967 with his own office, and it is now a worldwide practice, with projects offices in more than twenty countries. The company has been responsible for a strikingly wide range of work: urban planning, airports, civic and cultural buildings, offices, product design, residential projects and etc.

The practice has received 470 awards and citations for excellence and has won more than 86 international and national competitions.


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