Sports and Culture Centre by Dorte Mandrup + b&k *COPENHAGEN, Denmark*

A sports and culture centre in Copenhagen by Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter Aps and b&k brandlhuber & co. [Via archdaily]


The boldness of this project lies in the simple idea of making a new kind of crossover building between the traditional typology of the indoor sports arena and the outdoor sports field.

view 2

The polycarbonate skin is a very unusual feature in Denmark. Looking at the result, the effort appears to have been well worthwhile since it is the translucent skin that makes this sports facility so unique. This translucent cover offers excellent daylight conditions and at night the structure appears as a glowing crystal. The building will be used for a variety of daily sport and cultural activities such as concerts and theatre performances. The dynamic landscape inside allows for various activities to take place on different levels in visual contact with each other.

The building’s structure is composed out of steel and timber, covered with the polycarbonate panels.



Architect: Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter Aps + b&k brandlhuber & co
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Project Year: 2006
Client: Copenhagen Municipality / Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities

More info and pictures on Archdaily. (pictures and info from Archdaily)

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