Ordrupgaard Art Museum by Zaha Hadid *COPENHAGEN, Denmark*

Another project, located near Copehagen in Denmark by Zaha Hadid Architect: Ordrupgaard Art Museum.


Ordrupgaard is a state-owned art museum under the Danish Ministry of Culture located near Copenhagen. In 2005, Ordrupgaard reopened the museum with a significant addition, an extension that was designed by the internationally acclaimed Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid.*

Zaha Hadid’s proposal won a competition that was organised by the Danish Ministry of Culture in 2001. Zaha Hadid’s building, doubles the existing area of the museum, the extension is nog just an experience in itself, it also offers better facilities, enabling it to present special exhibitions at international level and etc.


Like in many other projects designed by Zaha Hadid, Hadid has worked to decode and interpret the surroundings. Before she started, Hadid made studies of the terrain in the park at Ordrupgaard.  

This point of departure in the landscape has resulted in a very sophisticated and moulded figure which almost ‘hangs’ in the undulating terrain. It has been said that the extension at Ordrupgaard resembles a stranded whale and also a recently landed spaceship, but irrespective of the associations we make, it is a building which folds perfectly into the topography of the landscape. 


Inside, the building opens itself up as a ‘fluid space’ where it is hard to detect the transition between galleries and corridors, not to mention floors and ceilings. The rooms constantly relate to the curves of the terrain, with the ceiling rising and falling as you progress through them.


In many places the walls are slanted and irregular, and Hadid explores a plethora of crooked angles. As she says: “there are 360 degrees, so why stay with one”? These odd angles contrast with the building’s many soft bends and curves. Furthermore, the building is characterised by large areas of glass which invite in the daylight and surrounding nature and which reinforce the experience of the building’s integration with the landscape. 

Ordrupgaard under construction pictures on Arcspace.com
More pictures on Danda.be


* Zaha Hadid is an architect and designer born in Baghdad in Iraq in 1950. She trained in Londen and graduated from the Architectural Association School (also kwown as AA-school) in 1977. Today, she has her own architect office Zaha Hadid Architects in Londen.

Since she started her own office, Zaha Hadid received several international prizes for architecture, on may 2004 Zaha Hadid became the first woman ever to receive the famous Pritzker Prize, what’s the highest recognition in international architecture.

See Zaha Hadid’s current projects and info on her website: http://www.zaha-hadid.com.

Pictures and info from Zaha hadid.com and Ordrupgaard.dk

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