Jewish Museum by Daniel Libeskind, *BERLIN, Germany*


It is “like other museums, with white walls where pictures can be hung and objects exhibited.” (Daniel Libeskind, 2000)

The Jewish Museum in Berlin is defenitly one of the most spectacular museum buildings in Germany. Since the beginning, it has been a magnet for the public, in five years, more than 4,000,000 people have visited the museum. The architecture is undoubtedly the cause for this initial popularity.


The Jewish Museum exhibits the social, political and cultural history of the Jews in Germany from the 4th century to the present. The design of the Museum engenders a fundamental rethinking of architecture in relation to its program. The new extension was completed in January 1999, 10% under budget, and opened fully installed to the public in September 2001.  In five years, more than 4,000,000 people have visited the museum.

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Pictures and info from Daniel Libeskind weblink:
Jüdisches Museum Berlin,


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