City Lounge in St. Gallen, Switzerland

A really nice concept designed by Carlos Martinez and Pipilotti Rist.

city lounge

City Lounge is an outdoor (living) space in the center of St. Gallen, Switzerland. It is designed by Carlos Martinez in collaboration with Pipilotti Rist. It was the winning entry at a design competition that was announced by the Schweizer Verbandes der Raiffeisenbaken (SVRB) in cooperation with the city St. Gallen to create a public living space room.

city lounge 2

The project features a red carpet that flows all around the buildings, recreating places to relax,  to converse, to park and much more. The red surface is covering everything in its path, creating a red landscape in the centre of the city.

city lounge3

city lounge 7

city lounge 4

Photos by Thomas Mayer (click for MORE photos!!)
Via Coolboom


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