City Hall by (EEA) Erick Van Egeraat

Last friday, the Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat has won a competition for the design of a new city hall for Budapest, Hungary.

The project exists about the restoration of the existing 18th century building and a new construction (40,000 square metres).

On the ground floor you will find huge public space with cafés, restaurants and a theatre that can be used for conferences, exhibitions and much more. The upper floor will consist out of rented and city offices, and a hotel.

Here’s some more information from Erick van Egeraat:

From a field of 18 participants, an international professional jury selected his proposal, which combines restoration of the existing 18th century baroque building and new, futuristic wings to create a contemporary Main Square. This proposal makes an end to a period of almost three centuries of uncertainties at this unique plot in the Heart of Budapest.

In accordance with the objectives of the competition, this new City Hall, with its open courtyards and flexibility of use, will reflect transparency and democracy, will act as a Forum for the people of Budapest and will attract tourists. It will at once re-introduce pedestrian flow from the boulevard to the river Danube and offer a spectacular view of the city from the platform on top of the entrance gate. “This project provides a unique opportunity to both boost the economy of the city of Budapest and create an attractive new city centre for all”, says Erick van Egeraat.

The new City Hall will comprise 118.000 square metres of gross floor area, 40.000 square meters of which will be newly built. The project’s completion is scheduled for 2013.

more information and pictures on Erick van Egeraat associated architects


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