Neil Barrets flagship store by Zaha Hadid

Recently, the new Neil Barrett’s flag ship store opened in Tokyo, Japan. The store is designed by Zaha Hadid. Though the world-renowned architect has recently experimented in fashion design, this is her first retail space project since then.

In close cooperation with Patrik Schumacher, she created a shop that shifts between architecture and sculpture, designed to parallel the same folding, pleating, cut- oud and fixed point design ethos utilized in the brand’s clothing of Neil Barrett’s fashion design.

The concept of the store plays with the dualism between male and female. This is echoed in the furniture design, through the language and quality of the materials that are used on both floors. The ground floor is more based on a ‘masculine and dynamic form’, while the first floor is more feminine, with ‘fluid contour lines’.

 Via Yatzer (pictures and info from yatzer)
more info about the concept, production and pictures on Yatzer

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