La Cage by Stefan Schoning

La Cage by Stefan Schoning and Dark

La Cage is an attempt to save the light bulb from extinction. The Cage in folded steel wire serves as a reserve for this threatened species and positions the light bulb centrally. With this basic version comes a series of add-ons such as a door, a skirt in real lace, a carrier bag, and much more.

Stefan Schöning was born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1968.  He graduated in product development at the Henry Van de Velde Institute in Antwerp. After this, he set up an office for industrial design in 1994 working for clients in Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Germany and the USA. He worked as a freelance designer for companies such as Kipling, Durlet, Dark, Samsonite, Pioneer, NMBS and much more. his work has been exhibtied several times in Belgium but also in prestigious places such as the Design Museum in New York, the Nike Design Library in Oregon, and the Salone Satellite in Milan.

Recently, Stefan Schöning  got awarded as ‘designer of the year’ by the interieur foundation in Belgium. He got a solo exhibition on interieur08 in Kortrijk, Belgium.

pictures and info from Stefan Schöning weblink.

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