Mercedes-Benz Museum – UN Studio and HG Merz

The new Mercedes-Benz Museum is an automotive museum housed in Stuttgart, Germany and is located next to highway B14 at the entrance of Stuttgart. It contains an exhibition space for the historical collection of Mercedes-Benz, as well as a museum shop, restaurant, offices and a sky lobby.

The building is designed by UN Studio, in close cooperation with HG Merz, that developed the concept of the museum presentation. UN Studio of ‘Ben Van Berkel’ and ‘Caroline Bos’, gave the building its exciting shape and highly innovative interior organization.

The visitors must proceed through the museum from the top to the bottem where they follow the two main paths that unfold chronologically as they descend through the building. During the ride up in the elevators, visitors are shoewn a multimedia preshow presentation. Through a opening on eye-level, visitors can see images of the history of Mercedes-Benz which are projected on the walls of the atrium.

The geometric model employed, is based on the trefoil organization. The whole building’s program is distributed over the surfaces which ascend incrementally from ground level, spiraling around a central atrium as you can see on the following pictures.

Client: DaimlerChrysler Immobilien, Berlin
Design: UN Studio: Ben van Berkel, Tobias Wallisser and Caroline Bos
Interior: UN Studio with Concrete Architectural Associates, Amsterdam
Exhibition space: HG Merz
Location: Mercedes Strasse 1, Stuttgart
Building area: 35.000 m2
Status/phase: realized May 2006 (start 2003)

Short video with a 3D model of the building: (found on youtube)

more information: Merceds-Benz Museum and Archined

Photographs are from the following weblink: UN Studio

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